Tuesday 26 March, 2019

It all started with..

It all started with a phone call..

Brian was talking to Patti about his new family tree at kosbab.org when the light went on.. what about a family tree for SPILSTED?

Patti, somewhat dejectedly said.. I’m over it! ¬†Twice I tried, twice I compiled the Spilsted Family Tree only to lose it all twice when my computer crashed and I lost all of my data.

One of the benefits of a family tree on a web site is having multiple copies of the data, so if one source crashes, you have other backup copies.

We use Family Tree Maker to store, manage and edit our family tree because it is easy to use, connects seamlessly with ancestry.com, plus it not only enables easy backups to multiple locations, it can export the family tree data to a GEDCOM file which is then imported into a web site, creating another backup of the data.

Any questions about this web site, software or the surname SPILSTED, send Patti a message.